Taking its name from the mythological vahana or vehicle of the Goddess of Learning, Hamsa Vahini Travel and Tours is steeped in the tradition it soars from. A service agency that promotes the crossing of cultures, it is marked by the efficiency that comes with the attention and detail. While its range of services covers all aspects of intercontinental travel, it is set apart from all others by its astonishing familiarity with the land for all seasons- India. That perhaps is to be expected of an agency that has representative offices in Madras and New Delhi. And with a growing awareness of the splendours of the subcontinent in Pacific Bain and Americas, other representatives operate from Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia, Singapore as well as famed Hawaiian Islands. Linked by a modern communication network, they function as smoothly as the journey they promise. But promises are not all they offer. The intuitive understanding of modern air-travel- the vagaries of flight schedules and currency exchange rates- helps in optimizing travel possibilities- everywhere.